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This June is Seniors Month!

This June, we are celebrating our senior pets and offering great specials!

This offer is valid for senior pets – dogs over 7 years and cats over 8 years of age.

20% OFF on screening inhouse blood and urine testing for well dogs and cats. VIPaws MEMBERS SAVE 25%!

Common age-related conditions that can be detected with early screening blood tests include chronic kidney disease, liver disease, diabetes, hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism. Early detection before the disease advances allows implementation of the best management strategies or treatments to give the best long-term outcome.

FREE nurse blood pressure checks for our senior cats.

SAVE 20% on osteoarthritis treatments. Cartrophen, Beransa, Solensia, Antinol and 4Cyte. VIPaws MEMBERS SAVE 25%!

*Offer is valid 1st June to 30th June 2024

This May, a heartworm blood test is FREE when you get your pet back up to date with Proheart. 

With a recent case of heartworm in Perth, the importance of heartworm prevention is highlighted once again. Heartworm is a potentially deadly disease for our pets, with a higher prevalence in dogs compared to cats. It is spread by a mosquito vector meaning dogs can contract the disease without having any direct contact with an infected individual. It also means that the disease can travel distances from an infected source. Once bitten by a mosquito carrying the heartworm larvae, the larvae circulate within the blood stream for up to 6 months, before developing into mature worms within the great vessels of the lungs and heart. The physical presence of adult heartworm in the lungs and heart results in pulmonary and cardiovascular disease. Treatment is complex with risk and is expensive, making prevention the best bet to keep our pets protected.

Proheart is a once-a-year injection of a long acting ascaricidal medication which prevents heartworm disease by killing the heartworm larvea before it can develop into adult worms and cause clinical disease. For, dogs that are not on current heartworm prevention, are overdue, or are only intermittently given monthly heartworm prevention, the Proheart injection is both convenient and provides comprehensive year-round protection. Prior to administration of the Proheart injection it is recommended that a quick simple blood test is performed to ensure your dog is not currently affected by the heartworm parasite. This MAY we are offering FREE heart worm tests (valued at $90) prior to commencing the Proheart injection. So make MAY the day you ensure your pet is protected from heartworm disease. Contact the clinic today to book.

(Offer valid from 1st May to 31st May 2024. Does not include cost of consultation or Proheart injection.)

Thursday Dental Clinic

Every Thursday, Doubleview Vet Centre offers a $100 discount off dental procedures. Spaces are limited, phone reception for availability.

Remember, VIPaws members receive $150 off dental procedures any day of the week! Don’t want to wait for a Thursday? Phone the clinic now on (08) 9341 1200 to enquire about VIPaws and to start saving now!