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Our clinic is fully equipped with a digital x-ray suite to perform diagnostic x-rays of our patients. If  your pet becomes unwell or becomes injured our vets may recommend x-rays to diagnose health issues, disease or injuries. X-rays are a very important tool to help us diagnose diseases in animals, particularly for conditions involving bones, the chest or abdomen.

Some pets require elective x-ray procedures which usually involves staying in hospital for the day and receiving a sedation or general anaesthetic. Pets are required to be under anaesthetic as we need them to be still for positioning and taking of x-rays. In some cases where pets may be very unwell or in emergency situations, X-rays may be taken conscious. 

Once recovered, patients are able to go home the same day. Our veterinarians will discuss and show you your pet's x-rays and recommend the next step of treatment if required. We also are able to confer with our professional specialist colleagues for interpretation of x-rays and required treatment in cases that are less straightforward. In some cases, repeat x-rays may be required further in the diagnostic process.