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Why Microchip Your Pet?

Microchips are a very important form of permanent identification for your pet as collars and tags can be lost easily. In Western Australia it is compulsory for cats to be microchipped by 6 months of age and dogs to be microchipped by 3 months old. 

A microchip is inserted under the skin in the scruff region by an injection. This can be done at a health check consultation or during a nurse microchip appointment.

 Each microchip has a unique number which is specific to your pet. Once inserted, we assist you to register your contact details on the online national database which ensure that should your pet every be scanned for a microchip, your details will be available by the scanning authority. This is very important in cases of lost or stolen pets.

Updating Microchip Details

If you change contact details or address, the owner is responsible for updating these details on your pet microchip registry. 

To check which microchip registry your pet belongs to, enter their microchip number in the following website www.petaddress.com.au  then follow the links to the registry website. 

***please note - if your pet was microchipped in QLD, other states are unable to view their registry. If so, you must register your pet on to an nationwide registry such as the Australasian Animal Registry ***

Lost and Found Pets

If you have found a lost pet, please bring them to your nearest vet clinic or contact the shire ranger to be scanned for a microchip to reunite them with their owners. 

If you have lost a pet, please call the clinic to log them on our lost pet database and ensure that your pet's microchip details are up to date.