Doubleview Veterinary Centre

Doubleview Vet Centre is a Gold Standard Cat Friendly Clinic

 What is a Cat Friendly Clinic?

A Cat Friendly Accredation is awarded by the International Society of Feline Medicine (ISFM) to clinics who meet certain standards of criteria for cat care within the veterinary clinic. 

What does this mean for your cat?  

  • We understand the needs of cats and how stressful vet visits can be to you and your cat. We have a dedicated cat consultation room, a cat only waiting area and use feline appeasing calming pheromones to help keep stess to a minimum.
  • We understand how to approach and handle cats gently and with care. We use low stress handling techniques when examining your cat.
  • We have equipment and resources designed specifically for feline healthcare. 
  • We have dedicated Cat Advocates on our staff whose responsibility it its to keep up to date with all new feline health care information and help you with any cat related information you may need. 

For more information about what to expect from our gold cat friendly clinic go to the ICatCare website.




Meet Our Cat Advocates

Whilst all of our staff are very knowledgable in feline healthcare, under our gold accreditation we have two clinic cat advocates who are responsible for ensuring our gold standards are adhered to and kept up to date with the most recent feline clinical information. They are here to answer any of your cat care questions and ensure our clinic stays up to date with the best cat care practices. 

 Dr Maddie (left) has a special interest in feline clinical health and is currently undertaking futher study in specialised feline medicine. Laura (RVN, right) has a special interest in feline patient care within hospital and educating clients on cat care at home.