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Dog Vaccinations

Why Vaccinate?

Vaccinations are an essential part of our pet's preventative healthcare routine, just like for humans. By vaccinating your dog you are helping to protect them from contagious and potentially life-threatening viruses.

Responsible pet care requires puppies to be given their initial course of vaccinations, but this cannot protect them for the rest of their lives. Adult dogs require annual vaccinations to maintain immunity against disease.

Up to date vaccinations are also a requirement for all kennel facilities.

What do we vaccinate against?




 Canine Cough - bacterial and viral strains


When to Vaccinate?

Puppies are ‘temporarily’ protected against many diseases by antibodies received through their mother’s milk. These maternal antibodies decline in the first few months of their lives, however until they drop sufficiently they can also neutralise vaccines. This is why a series of vaccinations is necessary in a puppy.

The recommended schedule of vaccination for your puppy is three vaccines from 6-8 weeks of age, followed by an annual vaccination for the rest of their life.

Initial vaccination programs will depend on the age of your puppy and their previous vaccination status. To find out what vaccination schedule we recommend for your puppy please call the clinic. 


Adult Dogs

The immunity from puppy vaccinations weakens over time and your dog can again become susceptible to disease. Annual health checks and booster vaccinations provide the best protection life long.

Please give us a call to discuss a suitable vaccination regime for your  puppy or dog.