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Doubleview Vet Diamond Club

Because your pets are our best friends.


The Doubleview Diamond Club provides the best preventative medicine for your beloved pet in a simple and aff­ordable package. This package will ensure that you are taking all the right steps needed for your pet’s health for a 12 month period.


The Doubleview Diamond pet care packages include:

Preventative pet care:

  • Annual vaccination
  • 20% off booster vaccines
  • 20% off Vaccine upgrades + screening tests (Feline Aids, Feline Leukaemia, Canine Heartworm)
  • 12months worth of heartworm prevention
  • 12months worth of flea control
  • 12months worth of All wormer
  • 20% off de-sexing
  • 20% off microchipping

Early Detection:

  • 10% off Vet consultations and revisits
  • 10% off major or minor blood screening with an anesthetic
  • 20% off dental xrays

Members Rewards:

  • Unlimited nurse checks
  • Unlimited nail trims (pedicure) [Sedation and hospitalisation additional if required]
  • Unlimited anal gland check (nurse)
  • Unlimited nurse dental checks
  • 10% off Hills premium food
  • 10% off Paw supplements
  • 10% off Puzzle and Food enrichment toys

Please phone us or pop in to find out more about the Doubleview Vet Diamond Club