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Allergic dermatitis and otitis are common disorders of our pets.  Once our pets are diagnosed with allergies they often lifelong, however there are some cases where we can identify the allergen or the cause of the disease. 

There are several causes for your pet to be itchy and have hair loss. Some of these are easily treated and some are not.  The process of finding out what could be the possible cause can be a long, systematic and time consuming process but your pet can benefit if we can identify the cause. Skin scrapes and cytology of skin and ear conditions is imperative in finding out what potential causes and disease processes are involved in your pets skin or ear disease.

We liaise closely with dermatology specialists and they have collaborated with us to work up your pet in a systematic approach.  Should we have a difficult or refractory case we then have a dermatology specialist who comes to us for a specialist consultation with you and your pet.