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Client Info Sheets

When a pet is diagnosed with a medical or surgical condition it can be a worrisome time for owners. There is often a lot to take in at the time of consultation with the veterinarian and in some cases further information or research can assist in our understanding of what such as diagnosis means for our beloved pet. There is an overwhelming amount of information on the internet regarding common medical conditions of our companion animals. Below are a list of common medical or surgical conditions affecting our pets, click on the condition to find out more about the condition including what can cause it, how a vet may investigate it and what the most up to date treatment reccomendations or options are:  

Canine Hypoadrenocorticism (Addisons) Disease 

Allergic Skin Disease in Pets 

Anal Gland Problems

Canine Demodex 

Arthritis in Pets 

Anxiety and Phobias in Pets

Pets, Pregnancy and Children

Breeding Dogs

Feline Environmental Enrichment 

Canine Cruciate Disease

Canine Luxating Patella

Canine Hyperadrenocorticism (Cushings) Disease

Dental Disease in Pets

Feline Diabetes

Canine Diabetes

Canine Heart Disease

Canine Obesity, Weight Loss Strategies

Feline Obesity, Weight Loss Strategies

Feline Kidney Disease

Canine Thyroid Disease (Hypothyroidism)

Feline Thyroid Disease (Hyperthyroidism)

We hope this provides a reliable source of information for you as we believe it is important to be fully informed and aware of the options when commiting to treatment for any medical or surgical condition. Furthermore, thoroguh discussion with the veterinarian is always encouraged should you have any additional concerns regarding the investigation or treatment of your pet.